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Questions about the World Chess Championship 1972 between the defending champion Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union and the American challenger Bobby Fischer. The 21 games of the match were played in Reykjavik, Iceland, between 11 July and 1 September 1972, and ended with Fischer's victory.

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Why did Bobby Fischer make his demands in the 1975 World Chess Championship?

Many topics ask about Fischer's demands in the 1975 World Chess Championship between him and Karpov, but I've never found the reason Fischer made these demands. In particular: If the result is 9-9, ...
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How many new openings did Fischer use against Spassky in 1972?

Bobby Fischer's openings in the 1972 World Chess Championship are said to have taken Spassky completely by surprise: Fischer played always e4 as his opening move, in football terms he had a very ...
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Why didn't Spassky play 26. g3 in game 5 of Fischer-Spassky (1972)?

Fischer's play was powerful in this Nimzo-Indian, achieving a strong knight against two bishops in a closed position. The knight became a monster on f4. But why did Spassky let the knight reach f4? ...
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Why did Bobby Fischer play the 1992 rematch with Spassky?

As title above, why did Bobby Fischer play the 1992 rematch with Spassky after some 20 years of inactivity? Was it because he was in need of money? Or was it, as Fischer explained in the press ...
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Did Spassky stand up and applaude at Fischer after the famous Tartakower game?

Is it true that Boris Spassky stood up and openly applauded at Fischer after the sensational round 6 win by Fischer in the 1972 World Championship match? (The QGD Tartakower), as portrayed in the 2014 ...
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