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Can the King be attacked by a pinned piece? [duplicate]

A computer chess game does not permit moving the white King to d2 presumably because it's attacked by the black Knight which I suspect is correct, but the Knight can't actually attack that square ...
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Moving king into check [duplicate]

Can a player move their king into check if the opponents piece that is able to take king, is putting opponents king in check?
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Can the King be put in Check by a piece that cannot move? [duplicate]

I am playing a game at the moment and I want to know if the King can take a piece that is being protected by another piece... that cannot move. Why can't the other, protecting, piece move? Because ...
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Is the king actually in check if the attacking piece cannot be moved? [duplicate]

Black was in a position to take a white bishop with the king. The white bishop was protected by a white knight. However, if the white knight was moved it would expose the white king to the black ...
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It is possible to mate enemy king if this would put your king in check? [duplicate]

When thinking about if you can do some move, you look if your king will be attacked. This would lead to a recursion, but actually dont, since you it doenst matter if this enemy piece would be able to ...
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Rules of Checkmate [duplicate]

I’ve attached a picture of the board configuration of an end game. Black wins this game by checkmate, however, I’m wondering how this is valid checkmate? To my understanding, checkmate occurs when a ...
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Capturing (almost) free piece by King [duplicate]

Here's a position in a chess puzzle: [Title "White to move"] [fen "5rk1/p7/Q1n3pp/3q1p1n/2B2P2/4P2P/P5rK/R4R2 w - - 0 1"] The rook had captured a pawn, resulting in a check. The rook is supported by ...
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Is black in check? [duplicate]

I know this sounds like a really basic question, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the site... On the following board, is the black king actually in check (assuming it's his move)? My thoughts are ...
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Discovered check when winning [duplicate]

Is it ok to put your own king in discovered check as you take the other king? (Does the taking of the other king even count as a move, or is the checkmate the last move?) Edit: When thinking about it,...
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A double pin: does this count as check? [duplicate]

I was thinking about this position. [FEN "4k3/8/4q3/8/8/8/8/2K1Q2r b - - 0 1"] [startflipped ""] Can the Black queen move to another file? If she moves then there is nothing ...
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A piece preventing white king from occupying a square can't move for uncovering check on black king can the first king occupy said square anyway? [duplicate]

For instance Black king is on g8 black light coloured bishop is on g6 white queen is on g5 black rook on d6 and black pawn on c3 are checking White king on d2 white king captures black pawn on c3 ...
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Can a king be checked with another king when checking square is protected by the side which gives the check? [duplicate]

Can a white King move next to a black King to check it, if there is a white pawn protecting the white King, preventing the black King from taking the white King?
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Why is the definition of check not circular?

If you want to determine whether a player is in check I think you would: 1.1) determine every legal move of the opposition; 1.2.) determine whether such a move threatens our king (i.e. could 'take' ...
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Could black have taken the queen here?

Could black have taken the queen here? Note the bishop and the knight [FEN "r5k1/1b3Qpp/5b2/p1p1N3/2P2P1P/8/P1N5/K4Rn1 w - - 0 1"] [Title "Can black take the queen?"]
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Using a check-preventing piece to protect the checkmating piece

Let's say that a piece is protecting my king from check, i.e. blocked or pinned. For example, my rook is in the way of my opponent's queen in checking my king. Can I checkmate their king with another ...
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Move my king to check [duplicate]

My rook was targeting the opponent's king but her knight was in between I moved my knight to the check place checked by same knight Can I move my king to that place
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Can my King take? [duplicate]

ok so here is the issue I'm having... I am playing a correspondence game online and I came across a situation where I pinned my opponents rook against his King and in between his rook and my king is ...
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