I want to improve my chess defensive abilities. 

If you have any recommendation, any suggestion, learning technique, study plans would be appreciated.


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A reader of NM Dan Heisman's column Novice Nook asked:

Question What books do you recommend for defense in chess.

Answer It depends on what you mean by defense. The most important defense (see The Most Common and Important Use of Tactics) is just making sure your moves are safe. So that means any good book covering basic tactics are also the best books about defense. They work if you ask "Is my candidate move safe?" and look to see if that move would result in a position that gives your opponent one of those safety patterns to win material or checkmate you. If so, then you likely reject that candidate move, and prevention is the best defense. If you are talking about advanced defensive ideas then Soltis's book The Art of Defense and GM Aagaard's Practical Chess Defence come to mind. But unless your rating is 1900+, the type of defense I mention in my article above is way more important.

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