I am very new to forum and formal chess play. Please bear with me.

I would like to be able to search for an opening that is being used. How would I search for that on Google or another search engine? I do not know many opening names, only a few. Would I use E3 white...etc.? Any guidance on this will be appreciated.

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If you're using a chess program such as ChessDB you can see something with the phrase "ECO: B00a [King's Pawn]" and you can go to Google and search for 'eco B00a' or something along those lines until you come across an answer that works for you.


My advice to you would be to start off by learning 2 openings in chess. Italian Game (white)and French Defense(black), those will help you learn chess in many types of positions, both closed and open games.


This will provide you with many more openings, and their statistics. Although don't focus too much on the statistics, as those won't win you a game.


You can Google something like "1. e3 e5 2. d4" etc. Or, Chess.com has a pretty good Game explorer: This link. It lets you make the moves, shows how often people reply with other moves, etc.


If you can find out the name of the opening via ECO at a list of ECO codes eg http://www.365chess.com/eco.php you can then search eg '"French Defense" + chess' for 1.e4 e6 on google, youtube etc to find articles, videos on the opening.

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