Preferably written in javascript, but the language really doesn't matter.


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I'm not aware of any "small" chess engine written in JavaScript, but there's a "small" engine written in C. Micro-max has about 1900 to 2000 rating, depends on the rating list and testing condition.


Note that it's not the smallest engine, but the engine that is even smaller than Micro-max plays awful chess (dropping pieces) and even walk into check (illegal move).


Garbochess-JS is written in javascript. It's about 75KB, 2400 or so lines of code I believe. The version written in C++ was rated around 2575 on CCRL.


Lozza-js is rated around 2300, and is about twice the size of Garbochess-JS.

Toledo Nanochess and P4wn are probably less than 2000 elo, and Stockfish-js is considerably larger than Garbochess and Lozza.

  • And stofish js is not really JS but compiled WASM
    – Zibri
    Mar 14, 2022 at 23:23

t seems like garbo was a little stronger maybe 2670 but anywhoo.

https://jtiscione.github.io/chessboard3js/play.html is a nice online interface for playing p4wn -weak lozzo -strong!! and stockfish -godlike


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