Can you please recommend good books for- Grunfeld and Sicilian defense. Would prefer separate books for either. Specially one which contains deeper analysis and has recent games illustrated.

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There are many types of Sicilians so you should specify which one you intend to play,

But generally a good book is: Starting out: The Sicilian by John Emms

Although there are a whole multitude of excellent books written about specific Sicilians so if you could specify more than I could recommend some excellent books on those specific Sicilians.

For Grunfeld it's a little simpler, an excellent book is Understanding the Grunfeld by Jonathan Rowson, which is a very well regarded book.

There are many more excellent Grunfeld books but far too many to mention in this post.


Winning with the Sicilian by Mark Taimanov.


Sicilian is not in my repertory and I want to include it.

I haven't read it yet, but after reading other books by GM De la Villa and some feedback I have read, I would recommend blindly "Dismantling the Sicilian: A Complete Modern Repertoire for White".

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