I am new to FEN notation. I understand its importance for describing position of pieces on board. I also understand FEN notations after reading about it in Wikipedia. However, it is a time taking procedure to write it down manually. I am looking for a software or web site, which allows me to place the pieces on the board, and then create FEN notation automatically.

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I am looking for a software or web site, which allows me to place the pieces on the board, and then create FEN notation automatically.

I personally use this site for that.

It is free, and it is an online tool.

enter image description here


If you wish to put that FEN in our diagram you paste that code like this:

  1. Press space bar 4 times;
  2. Type square brackets ( [] );
  3. Type fen "" inside the brackets ( [fen ""] );
  4. Paste your code inside the "" ( [fen "Your FEN goes here"] );

If you decide to input variations you need to do this:

  1. Press enter twice;
  2. Press space bar 4 times;
  3. Input moves;

Here is an example:

enter image description here

If you have further question leave a comment and I will help you. Also read this thread.


Hopefully this answer helps you.

Best regards.

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  • Position setup does not have the Generate FEN option.
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    Commented Mar 18, 2020 at 8:37

SCID will do it. Create a position using Edit->Setup Board. There's a text box at the bottom of the setup window with the FEN. Or, if you've been playing against the computer, you can just say Edit->Copy FEN to get the board's current position.


I use the Lichess Board editor. It has drag and drop, and click and place and it provides the FEN to any position.


I´m in a similar matter. But what I tried to have is a fen list, not just a single fen line. That is: having a PGN file, have the complete list of fen, one line per position. If for example the game had 40 moves, I need the 40 positions that ocured during the game.

In fact I found one program that do it: pgn2fen: http://pgn2fen.downv.com/Windows-software-download/pgn2fen It has a bug, it does not make the fen for the last position.


Python has now a chess module, which is able to parse FEN (among other formats), and also output any position to FEN, EDP, PGN and also SVG format. It is as simple as F = input(); B = chess.Board(F) to read in a FEN. Then you can easily extract information or modify the positions, and write it back to a file using B.fen(en_passant='fen') or B.epd(en_passant='fen', ...); to write back a PGN, use chess.pgn; see chapter "Writing" of the documentation, similar for producing SVG.

You can find more information at:

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