I have played blitz game on lichess as Black and entered into drawn bishop endgame. My opponent tried to force the matters and lost in the end but at some point very interesting position arose, where White had only one permanent weakness.

I am interested to know if Black can win the following endgame by creating second weakness in White position, or simply breaking through with his king.

[Title "Black to move"]
[fen "8/p7/2bk1p2/2p3p1/5PP1/1B4K1/PP6/8 b - - 0 1"]

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After 1...Bd5, Black can win at least a pawn. White cannot take on d5 because that's a clearly won king endgame for Black- Black threatens to go Kd4-Kd3-c2 and take the pawn on b2. If White tries to defend with Ke2, then Ke4 from Black wins the g-pawn and the game.


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