I would like to play correspondace chess, but in order to use it as training for my openning repertoire, I want to agree with the oponent which opening to use.

For example, We bith give a list of openings/variations and agree in which position start playing. Is any website with this functionality?


In Red hot pawn, you can create an open invite with any starting position you like. With free account, the number of simultaneous unfinished games is limited to 6.

  • I tested Red Hot Pawn and Gameknot. I will select Red Hot Pawn as the Answer, because it allows to select the position from the begining. – zunbeltz Nov 3 '14 at 8:40

Gameknot allows mini-tournaments to specify a starting position for all games in the tournament. This is a popular way to explore openings; I do it frequently.

Mini-tournament participation does require that you've completed a few games on the site already though.


On Chess.com you may set an open challenge with a predetermined position (to choose from a list, click the "Show more options" box), and if one game is not enough you even have the option of joining a tournament, some of which have the starting position of a certain opening or variation.

With a free account, you are allowed to issue as many challenges as you want, join as many official tournaments as you want and join one non-official tournament. If you want to create your own, you must go premium.

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