There are all kinds of lists of the strongest chess engines at standard time controls. Here's one I picked more or less at random. But does anyone track which engines are strongest at faster time controls, say, game in 5 minutes?

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  • The list you link to contains engine comparisons using 40 moves in 4 minutes - does that not answer your question?
    – firtydank
    Mar 24, 2014 at 15:48

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As @FranS points out, the CCRL 40/4 list I linked to fits the bill pretty well. I was digging around on a lot of sites and must have thought that this one was showing results for 40 moves in 4 hours. I'm leaving the question up rather than deleting it in case someone comes along with the same question later.

Also, by following some links on the question that @Salvador Dali linked to I learned that there was an event called The World Computer Speed Chess Championship that seems to have died after 2011.

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