Is there any chess software out there that will let one play blind and simultaneous? I really don't want to find guinea pigs for a couple of reasons, but I do want to learn how to play more than one game at at time blind.

I think there's software that can be voice enabled - so it would allow for blind play. What about software that would allow more than one board like this?

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    lichess has blind simul option
    – cmgchess
    Apr 10 at 3:53
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    meant to say you can make the board settings blinfold and do a normal simul
    – cmgchess
    Apr 10 at 3:55

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You can change the piece settings to Blindfolded on lichess and chess.com and play normal simul games. Here's how you can change it on lichess: Go to the Game Page and click on the three stripes in the top-right.

enter image description here

and for chesscom, go to settings page -> Board -> Pieces:

enter image description here

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