An extension was released in 2021Feb: Hikaru and GothamChess Tell You to MOVE (Time Management Extension). After a certain amount of elapsed time, you get notified by a voice of Hikaru Nakamura or Levy Rozman.

I ask about this (for regular amateur games) here: How isn't a time management extension cheating / unethical?

Question: In online superGM tournaments, such as Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, Rapid Chess Championship, Chess.com Global Championship, Speed Chess Championship, etc, are such time management extensions (even if they wouldn't help cf Link1. Link2) like this cheating / unethical?

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    No top player has thought about using these so it's purely hypothetical
    – qwr
    Mar 31 at 12:07
  • Super GMs generally have such good time management skills that when they do take a long time for a move is when they actually need to (rather than at an unimportant move), and the extension would disturb their thought process. Not an answer because I don't know the rules, but since the extension does not confer an advantage and could introduce additional lag & distraction, it would be detrimental to performance to use it, so it does not need to be outlawed.
    – phihag
    Apr 2 at 17:45


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