I heard of pie rule, but I doubt this has ever been done in a FIDE tournament in the last, say, 50 years.

Essentially, it's like cake-cutting but you're cutting the cake of evaluation based on starting position instead of the cake of time like armageddon. Like you bid on the position instead of the time. The 1 difference though is that armageddon eliminates draws. (Well you can have draw odds in pie rule, but I highly doubt white has any decent shot here.)

Question: What are other attempts besides pie rule or in the other post semi-armageddon where there are ways to balance out white's advantage in a single game without eliminating draws? And please mention which part of the considerations, if any, explain what ultimately were or might have been some reasons why these weren't implemented. Eg for semi-armageddonIt's too time consuming to have every pair of players in a swiss tournament bid for white.


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