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It's stated by Jim Ratliff here that there was a 2013 United States Chess Championship (USCC) armageddon w/ armageddon with 45 minutes base time + 5 second increment. This converts to only 50min, so it's still just rapid. However, apparently, there was a 60 minute armageddon w/ auction game in the 2010 USCC (also won by Gata Kamsky).

According to chessgames.com this game is considered rapid just like how the 2019 WFRCC called 'slow rapid' when it's actually classical (45+15=60). It could be worse than Wesley So's case because the armageddon has increment for white. From thisweekinchess:

Gata Kamsky defeated Yuri Shulman in a rapid playoff (Kamsky had black and 25 mins + 5 seconds a move (with draw odds) against Shulman's 1 hour + 5 seconds a move. This came from a bidding process)

Question: Why are they calling this game rapid when the base time for white is at least 60 minutes?


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