Which chess tournament and venue has brought in the most people in the world?

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I think that it was the Cebu Chess Festival-World’s Largest Chess Tournament held in Ahmedabad, an Indian state, in December 2010. It had 20000 players and was led by Anand.


The Guinness world record for the largest board game tournament consisted of 43,157 participants playing chess and was achieved by the Cebu City Sports Commission (Philippines) in Cebu, Philippines, on 22 January 2012.

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According to the USCF, the record holder for largest attendance at a rated chess competition is the SuperNationals V with 5335 participants. Link

The SuperNationals III also had over 5000 participants, so this must be the recurring tournament that brings in the most people.


We run the annual South African Junior Chess Championships -

The history of this tournament dates back more than 30 years and the tournament typically attracts in excess of 2,500 junior chess players and officials

  • If we restrict to juniors, this has to compete with Hamburg's "Linkes gegen Rechtes Alsterufer", also a traditional event. Wiki (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…) gives over 4000 participants as record. Commented Oct 10, 2022 at 7:41

My first guess is the Olympiad -- in the last edition, Istanbul 2012, 150 countries participated in the Open, and 127 in the Women section. Most of those teams had 5 players (some had 4), so that's about 1300 players I'd guess. This year's Olympiad will be held in Tromsø, Norway.

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