I know of lists that cover tactical themes and endgame themes. I can't find a list of plans or strategic themes in the middlegame.

Could someone help me out with this list? A link would be nice.

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Perhaps you can use the table of contents from classical works such as

Modern Chess Strategy, by Pachman, and

The Middlegame, by Euwe and Kramer.


This is a huge question.

I can't help you with a list of themes, but look up the games of GM Tigran Petrosian (world champion from 1963-69.) You'll see how a master chooses moves based upon positional considerations. Here's a list of some of his games. The general consensus is that he plays to remove good moves from his opponents, leaving them only bad moves. But making a bad move against a GM leads to a loss. My System is a classic that describes this style of play.

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