I'm hoping to create a dataset with Chess.com Titled Tuesday results. I have found this link which has the tournaments https://www.chess.com/tournament/live/titled-tuesdays?&page=7 but for some reason, the list won't show anything past Page 7.
I was wondering if there is already a dataset like this. Or even getting access to the tournaments should be fine. I tried with Wayback Machine as well but no luck. I'm hoping to collect data starting from the first Titled Tuesday ( started 2014 I believe)

  • Have you attempted to put your problem to chess.com ? Which should be the logical starting point for your enquiries .
    – schweppz
    Oct 30, 2023 at 0:59

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I have started on the dataset

With the help of Wayback Machine, I managed to access the tournaments up until March 1, 2016. Beyond that, I have no clue how to find.

Would appreciate if someone can help with the older events as well.

I completed the dataset starting from the first TT in 2014 upto now, and it gets updated every Wednesday

Apart from that there is a pgn compilation as well contributed by rastallian

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