Does anybody know of an example of the Grimshaw-Theme being used in a practical game?

For the Nowotny there are several examples (e.g. Navara-Dergatschova, Ordix, 2007) and for the Plachutta there is Tarrasch vs. Allies (Naples, 1914), but I can't find any practical example of a genuine Grimshaw.

Any ideas?

  • Somebody should compile a list (probably not on CSE) of problem motifs in OTB games. Encountered a few myself... May 31 at 19:36
  • I am having issues locating any games , however that doesn't mean they aren't out there. The biggest issue you face is at very high level play where the bulk of databases focus on , its rare to see players play moves that result in a Grimshaw-Theme ... generally speaking
    – Dheebs
    Jun 1 at 12:06
  • One idea might be to search for positions in which a Grimshaw was possible, at the very least. Jun 2 at 1:23


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