Apparently some armageddon events allows players to choose colours.

Why would I bid for white in armageddon (in regular chess)?

Why would I bid for white in armageddon in chess960?

I find it nonsensical to pick White unless you somehow get a very good bid. But even then the best case scenario of equal time, you play a regular game except Black has draw odds. But let players have a choice just in case. Maybe they were very lucky with White in previous games.

Question: Has anyone in the history of armageddon in chess or chess960 ever won a bid and then played really as White? And if so, then is there maybe like an interview explaining the decision?

Bonus: Add also even crazyhouse, 3 check, atomic, capablanca, whatever variants there are and even draughts/checkers, shogi, xiangqi and even those other abstract strategy games like go/baduk. I'm really interested in similar abstract strategy games where this 1st player advantage really makes up for the draw odds for the 2nd player, who DOESN'T have lower time.


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