All games in question are 15 minutes.

In the 4 armageddon games in the 2022 (inaugural rapid, not the real, classical) WFRCC (both qualifiers and final 8), the Black winning bids are: 13,13,11:10,11:25. Average is 12.1458333...min = 12min 8.75sec.

What were the Black winning bids in in the 2023 Champions Chess Tour Airthings Masters ?

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In the 4 armageddon games in the 2023 champions chess tour airthings masters the Black winning bids are (approximately)

  1. Hikaru vs Wesley So - 9:30

  2. Gukesh vs Rauf Mamedov - 11

  3. Hikaru vs Magnus - 8:58

  4. Hikaru vs Wesley So (again) - 8:05

Average is 9.3875min = 9min 23.25sec

This is a difference of (9.3875-12.1458333333333)/9.3875 = -0.29383044829 ~ -30%. Black appears to be 30% more desirable.

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