Robert Hess said tells Danya that no increment influences why Robert prefers white to black in Armageddon chess960. Of course it really depends on the bid, but I guess Robert would want a lower bid for black compared to an analogous case where Armageddon would have increment.

Have there been Armageddon games (in chess, chess960, shogi, xiangqi, go/baduk, etc) with increment? So far I've seen in chess960 they're all without increment.

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  • @BrianTowers Thanks for the advice. In this case: I said if none. Because if there isn't, then there's not really much to discuss so i move on. If yes, then there's no reason to discuss why there isn't (since there is).
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    Feb 9, 2023 at 13:30
  • @BrianTowers Why is it unfocused to ask another question in the event of an uneventful answer in a yes/no question? It's like if I ask on maths SE 'Do there exist objects with property X?' If yes, then give example. If no, then you'd expect a proof as to why such an object doesn't exist right?
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2013 USCC Alejandro Ramirez vs Gata Kamsky had increment.

2013 U.S. Championships: Playoff (Part 2)

  • 6:07 - 6:22 - It's a 5 second increment.

  • 37:50 - 38:20 - Indeed both players get 5 second increment. Jen Shahade cites the increment as an explanation as to why players can afford to bid as low as, say, 18 min vs 45 min.

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