Edit re the 2 close votes for opinion-based: This is as factual as it gets. I'm asking what Bobby's opinion of how tournaments should go was. I never asked people's opinions of how tournaments should go or if people agree with Bobby. It's much like this other question I asked What has Bobby Fischer said about increment (similar to chess960)? or that other question about Bobby Why did Bobby Fischer make his demands in the 1975 World Chess Championship?.

Bobby wants chess960 to replace chess, but the starting position is not always the same unlike with crazyhouse, Capablanca, etc, so this is something that should be dealt with. I want to know how Bobby intended for this to be dealt with. Completely factual and also completely a priori reasonable to wonder. Even a posteriori you can see how St Louis' Chess 9LX tournaments are different from FIDE's Fischer Random world championships (and even the 2 WFRCC's are inconsistent if they are supposedly the same).

Like let's say FIDE or whatever agreed with Bobby at the time 'Like ok we'll get rid of chess completely and play chess960. But how are we gonna do this?'

As much as I love chess960 and hate chess, this seems like a logistical nightmare to implement this overnight (hypothetically of course).

Eg Does everyone in the tournament get the same position? Do they play both colours? How much time do they have to think? Re-roll for standard position?

Question: What did Bobby Fischer say about how chess960 should be implemented?

  • A bit unclear: Your title says 'What did Bobby Fischer say about how chess960 should be implemented?', and part of your text also says 'I'm asking what Bobby's opinion of how tournaments should go was.'. How tournaments should 'go'? I think it would help if you added what kinds of question you are hoping that Bobby Fischer had an opinion on? Some might be: Should FIDE be the governing body? Should players only be allowed to wear suits? or are you referring to anything else?
    – user30536
    Apr 1 at 8:23

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From a 1996 interview, here is Fischer's opinion on how Chess960 should be implemented:

  1. The starting position should be randomly generated but still symmetrical.
  2. The pieces should be placed on the back rank in a random order, with the only restriction being that the two bishops must be placed on opposite-colored squares.
  3. Castling should still be allowed, with the king and rook moving to their usual squares, regardless of the starting position.
  4. The game should be won by checkmate or resignation, just like in traditional chess.

Fischer believed that Chess960 would make chess more interesting and exciting, as players would need to rely more on their creativity and ingenuity instead of relying on memorized opening theory.


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