Re armageddon, there is sometimes bidding ("how much time they're willing to give up to play with their desired color") instead of pre-determined 5min vs 4min.

What happens if the bid is drawn?

  • Why the recent obsession with Armageddon bidding?
    – David
    Feb 11 at 18:52
  • @David because of the Airthings Masters that just happened? especially with Magnus' "soul read" I guess a lot of people suddenly found it more entertaining
    – Matt
    Feb 12 at 3:53

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Depends on the rules being used. A likely scenario is that an additional tie-break would be used.

For example, in the regulations for the 2016 US Championships:

If both Players bid exactly the same amount of time, the Chief Arbiter will flip a coin to determine who shall choose their color.

  • A more elegant solution (that I have not yet seen used though) would be to simply force one of the players to bid an odd number of seconds and the other an even, preventing a drawn bid in the first place.
    – ChrisB
    Apr 8 at 4:52
  • Well, that distinguishes the players a priori, so is less elegant in that way. Apr 8 at 12:04

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