Just looking up Carlsen's Elo and it is still 2870.

I know his next goal is to reach 2900. Did the 3 wins in the world chess championship simply not give him any rating points, or does FIDE take a long time to update ratings?


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It does take awhile for FIDE to update their ratings, which is monthly (see article) compared to the unofficial Live ratings site at Live Ratings. But it is interesting to note that Carlsen is due for a 2 point bump according to the Live rating site.


With ELO (and most other chess rating systems I know of), it is difficult to substantially increase your rating when you play someone with a much lower rating. Also, whenever you draw against someone with a lower rating, that decreases your rating.

In the case of Carlsen's goal of 2900, where even the second highest rated player is 70 points below him, a draw is almost like a loss! And in a game where draws are very common at the top level, that makes Carles'n goal very ambitious. Still, if anyone can do it ...

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