I am working on a chess player-rating system based on engine evaluations. As part of this I would like to extract evaluation data from Stockfish for the top 10 moves in a given set of positions.

Ideally I would like to be able to loop this from my program, so something like:

while i < 1000:
#'evaluate' returns a list of top moves with their centipawn evaluations.
choices = evaluate(positions[i]); 
...do stuff...
end while

In the above 'positions' would be a vector of chess positions in FEN format. I have looked around and there are some solutions for this using the chess library in Python, but I would really like to do this from within cpp. Is there any relatively trouble-free way to do this?

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The Python solutions are nothing but wrapper for sending UCI commands to the Stockfish engine. I'm not aware there is a C++ equivalent but you can code it yourself.

I don't have a copy-and-paste ready code for you. To do what you want you will need:


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