I have heard in various places that we can make engines play against each other from a certain given position. I want to know how exactly to do that. Is there a website where I can put a position and make Leela and Stockfish (14 or 15 preferably) play a position that I want them to play, or is it something only a few people have the advantage of doing?

Please let me know whether there are ways for me to arrange for such games.

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    You can arrange the matches with free engines but other people might have much more powerful computers.
    – qwr
    Dec 25, 2022 at 2:18

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You will see a sample usage where two engines are paired togerther:

cutechess-cli -engine cmd=sloppy -engine cmd=sloppy -each proto=xboard tc=40/60 -rounds 10


Arena seems to be a good fit for what you want to do. You can install any engines you want, set up any position and make them play against each other using the Game->Demo command.

  • You can do this in ChessX too, and XBoard. Dec 31, 2022 at 15:02

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