I did the following puzzle on chess.com:

initial configuration

And it shows solved with the following configuration:

final solution

I do not see why this is a solution. Black can take the Rook, and I don't see how to punish it.

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    Please clarify the line which shows how you get to the position on the second picture. You can use special board of this website to interactively show the line, help page.
    – Minot
    Dec 9, 2022 at 15:38
  • I wonder how you got the second position. 1. Rg3 g6 2. Rxg6 Kf7 3. Rxf6+. Was it the continuation? Cause 1. Rg3 g6 2. Rxg6 Bxg6 3. Qxg6+black is in trouble though material is equal if black's king wasn't in check then it will be possible to equalize the position by .... Qg4+. The answer to your question given below so I am not writing one. Dec 10, 2022 at 8:28

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After 2. Rxf6+ Black is fighting to survive and 2...Kxf6 is Black's only way to delay the final result (assuming best play). White must respond with 3. Rxg6! which is the only move to maintain the advantage.

Black gets a very vulnerable King while White gets an active Queen and Rook with good coordination and a safer King.

After 3...Ke5 4. Qg3+ Black is forced to choose

  • between losing the Queen with 4...Qf4 5. Re6+, or
  • playing 4...f4 which is the human move (Engine wants to lose the Queen),

yet this f4-pawn push still loses to 5. Qg5+ as illustrated.

One commenter points out that the 6. Qxh5 is unclear. I agree that 6. Qe7+ forking the King and Rook is the human move and the most practical move. I would play that as well.

For those interested, the less practical line 6. Qxh5 wins as well and leads to a situation where Black must either give up the Queen or submit to a forced mate.

[Title "Black is in Trouble"]
[FEN "5r2/6k1/1p2Rbp1/p2p1p1p/2q5/2P1R3/PP3PQ1/6K1 w - - 0 1"]

1. Rg3 Kf7 2. Rxf6+ Kxf6 3. Rxg6+! Ke5 4. Qg3+ f4 (4. Qh2+ {Also fine for White}) 5. Qg5+ Ke4 (5... Rf5? 6. Qe7#) 6. Qe7+ Kd3 7. Qxf8
(4...Qf4 5. Re6+ Kxe6 6. Qxf4)
(6. Qxh5 Kd3 7. Qd1+ Ke4 8. f3+ Kf5 9. Qb1+ {Black must give up the Queen or there's a forced mate in 10})
  • The variation ending 6 Qxh5 doesn't look conclusive: material is even and after Kd3 the bK might successfully hide and even star in a Q-side counterattack ending with a1Q. Instead 6 Qe7+ wins a Rook since 6 . . . Kf5 gives White a choice of two mates in one. Dec 9, 2022 at 16:46
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    @NoamD.Elkies I've updated my answer to finish the line. I agree with you that 6. Qe7+ is the more practical and human move. I've updated the answer accordingly. Dec 9, 2022 at 18:00
  • @SecretAgentMan: Please correct a few typos. BTW, baaad puzzle, it is very hard to calculate a king chase with heavy artillery just in your head. That notwithstanding, as soon as I realize my rook stays on the g file, I play the line even in blitz without hesitation. Dec 9, 2022 at 19:02
  • You missed a typo, I think--you have the alternate move 5... Rf5? which is not legal by standard chess rules--it's black capturing a black pawn.
    – Hearth
    Dec 9, 2022 at 23:02
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    The typo is in "4. Qg3+ Qf4" -- should be Qg3+ f4 (as it stands, the reply "5. Qg5+" is neither check nor good; White refutes Qf4 with 5 Re6+). Also, the initial moves in "Black is in Trouble" don't quite produce the diagram that Lot gave; my guess was 1 Rg3 g5 2 Rxg5+ Kf7 3 Rxf6+. Dec 10, 2022 at 1:57

It's won for White because Q+R coordinate to attack the exposed bK which Black can't defend for long.

I assume you started 1 Rg3 g5 2 Rxg5+ Kf7 3 Rxf6+. Then Kxf6 4 Rg6+ and now:

4 ... Ke7 5 Qg7+ Rf7 (Kd8 6 Qg5+ Kc8 7 Qe7 and mates soon) 6 Qg5+ Ke8 (Ke6 7 Qg6+ Rf6 8 Qe8+ as in the next variation) 7 Rg8+ Kd7 (Rf8 8 Qg6+) 8 Qd8+ Kc6 9 Qe8+ Rd7 10 Rg7 1-0

4 ... Kf7 5 Rg7+ Ke6(f6) (or Ke8 6 Qg6+ Kd8 7 Qd6+ and mate) 6 Qg6+ Ke5 (Rf6 7 Qe8+ Kd6 8 Qe7+ Kc6 9 Qxf6+) 7 Re7+ Kf4 8 Qg3#

4 ... Ke5 5 Qg3+ f4 (Qf4 6 Re6+ Kxe6 7 Qxf4) 6 Qg5+ Ke4 (Rf5 7 Qe7#) 7 Qe7+ wins the Rook. Black can try to counterattack with Kf3 8 Qxf8 Qe2 but 9 Rg3+ ends it (the pin prevents fxg3, and after Ke4 10 Qe8+ skewers the Queen).

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