How can I download Syzygy tablebases (5-man or 6-man) as quickly as possible without clicking hundreds of links at a mirror? Is there a verified torrent available that will probably download faster and use less resources than a mirror?

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I found out wget supports mirror site listings, so I used

wget --mirror --no-parent --no-directories -e robots=off http://tablebase.sesse.net/syzygy/3-4-5/

It might take a few tries to download all files since occasionally 403 Forbidden is returned (maybe should wait between requests). Then run md5sum --check checksum.md5 to ensure everything is all downloaded. Still I think a torrent is a more robust way to download huge files.


This link is for 3+4+5: https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=10530043.
As for 6 or 7, I'll try to find them later.

  • I usually use TPB for "other purposes" but I'll take a look
    – qwr
    Sep 19, 2022 at 19:45

The Internet Archive has torrents for the Syzygy (and other) tablebases


The file view gets a little confusing due to being classified as audio, but you will find the torrent files among them.
Syzygy 6-man WDL torrent
Syzygy 6-man DTZ torrent

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