I am creating a small chess engine for a CS class, nothing serious, i need to read the openings from a txt file or any format, i can go to websites like chessgames.com and download individual games, but i was hoping to download big files containing many openings and so much data, especially on the dragon variation, but any data will do. So is there a place where i can get my hands on that kind of data?

Thanks for all the guys who answered, I upvoted all of them and accepted the one I think is the best, so grateful for all of you guys, i just want to add a site that i found today by mistake, here

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What you're looking for is a PGN file that contains several games. You can parse the game data and enter in the opening moves. A great resource is PGN Mentor where you can browse openings and download the appropriate PGNs.


Is Freeware: Chess Opening Book Txt what you are looking for?

There are a lot of opening also with evaluation. Sure you have to take care about the format which is used to store the information.


Free chess opening books in Chessbase Book format (*.CTG) can be downloaded from http://www.hiarcs.com/chess-opening-book-free.htm

You can use it for a CS class project, but nothing commercial:

Please note these books are free for you to download and use for your personal use only. Under no circumstances are the books to be hosted on another website without the prior express written permission of Applied Computer Concepts Ltd.

Also useful will be the CTG format unofficial specification.

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