How are null moves indicated in PGN which Lucas Chess will correctly interpret?

Context: I want to make PGN files of solution lines of series problems, in order to replay them in Lucas Chess. In serieshelpmates, Black plays a series of moves, with no White moves in between, until White checkmates. In other series problems, White plays a series of moves, with no Black moves in between.

Lucas Chess doesn't accept null or -- as valid PGN. (This answer mentioned --.)

I use Lucas Chess because it enables the user to make the app display the board diagram nice and big, with figurines in a font that is nice and clear, and even specify the square colours so that they are nice and unobtrusive. I could try another chess app instead, but I need graphics that are suitable for people whose vision is not 20/20.

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Seems that Lucas chess can not read null moves. is Scid a good enough GUI? You can create null moves there by dragging the king on the opponents king. Download here, or with a Softwaremanager on Linux.

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