An Ashtpaad board (8×8) is a smaller version of an Dashpaad board. This board was used extensively on which other variants were evolved in century.

What did an Ashtpaad board look like?

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Historians and chess board collectors have agreed that the Ashtpaad board was very popular some 1600 yrs ago. This board had total 16 crosses:

  • 4 crosses at each corner called camps or palaces,
  • 2 crosses on 4th and 5th square (on 1st row and 8th row.), and
  • 4 crosses on 1st 4th and 5th and 8th square (on 4th row and 5th row.)

Ashtpaad board. Credit goes to Rick Knowlton

The Ashtpaad board was primarily designed in sunhemp, cotton and silk threads. Gold or Silver threads marked the square-border, lines, and crosses (camps or palaces).

Later when Persian chess evolved, these palaces were removed.

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