What are some great middlegame chess books that are for beginners that will help me to improve my middle game in chess? There aren't a lot of books on the middle game.

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    By the way, there's hardly any middle-game books targeted at beginners since if youre studying the middle-game you probably arent a beginner by definition.
    – Savage47
    Jul 2, 2022 at 5:19

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As alluded to in this answer, Seirawan has two useful books that are wonderful for beginners.

  • Play Winning Chess covers the fundamentals very well, focusing on concepts such as Force (material), Time (tempo), Space, and Pawn Structure. Targeted at the beginner level.

  • Winning Chess Strategies is the perfect introduction to positional ideas for beginners. Very useful for beginners struggling to find ideas to generate candidate moves. Includes positional puzzles.

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Beginners don't really need to understand the middle game. You mostly just need an understanding of basics and tactics to move beyond the beginner stage. Seirawan had a series with a couple of books on the middle game. That's probably plenty for beginners.

Once you start pushing for 2000, Nimzo's My System and Silman's HTRYC are good.

If I were teaching middle-game planning to a beginner, I would just say, pick a target and point all of your pieces at it. The target can be the king or a weak pawn or a hanging piece or whatever. If you don't know what to do, just improve the mobility of your pieces. Most middle-game planning comes down to increasing mobility anyway.


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