Chess.com reports that 17-year-old Frederik Svane has scored 2 GM Norms In 24 Hours and asks if this is a record:

17-year-old Svane, the youngest of the two brothers (Rasmus recently turned 25), scored his first GM norm in October 2021 at a round-robin in Kiel, Germany, where he finished in second place and reached the necessary 6.5 points by winning the last two rounds on demand.

The second GM norm came last Friday, when Svane finished another closed GM tournament, this time at the local Hamburg Chess Club. The scenario was almost the same: he again came second with the necessary 6.5 points, this time winning the last three rounds on demand.

Meanwhile, Frederik had played a pretty good Bundesliga season for his Hamburg club, where he had collected six points in the first eight rounds. You may guess it: also here, against pretty strong opposition, he needed 6.5 points for a GM norm. His opponent on Saturday, GM Eduardas Rozentalis, who had celebrated his 59th birthday the day before, didn't mind a quick draw, and so Svane had achieved something unique: two norms in a day! [Ed: Friday and Saturday are not the same day. Stick to 24 hours]

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    FIDE is currently looking into their data to find out whether this is a record.
    – Hauptideal
    May 31 at 10:12


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