We plan to buy a garden chess set for outside at our work facility. It should be mobile which means we don’t plan to build a chess board with stones on the ground.

What is a good garden chess set (and board)

  • which is durable and robust, and
  • which is not too lightweight (when there is some wind)?
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    Not an answer, but try googling "giant chess". You needn't lug 64 paving-slabs each time you want to move the board -- you can buy giant plastic boards that roll up. With the really giant sets, each piece has a hollow base and a top you can take off so that you can pour in sand or water to weight the thing down.
    – Rosie F
    May 13 at 4:02

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enter image description here

This could be an option, the board itself is foldable, but its larger than your standard chess board


enter image description here

This is also fine, although it is massive and extremely expensive


You can look for more boards online by searching "giant chess" or "garden chess set"

  • Looking at the first one, I just wonder if a board made up by 64 square which you attach together are not better. Since the surface might be more even
    – ee2Dev
    May 14 at 7:07

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