The best known answer (54) for arbitrary checking moves is given in What is the theoretical limit for the number of consecutive checks?, but I'm interested in sequences without captures. As usual, the initial position and all moves must be legal.


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From the SuperProblem.net Book of Records of Chess Composition "Unusual Records" section, we find the known answer of 17 checks by Alexey Khanyan.

[Title " Alexey Khanyan, SuperProblem.net, 17 Captureless Consecutive Checks"]
[FEN "b2Rr2q/1r1B4/RP1k2NQ/4b2b/bR3Npr/B1RK4/n1r4B/1b1R4 b - - 0 1"]
[startflipped ""]

1... Bb5+ 2. Rbc4+ Nb4+ 3. Ke4+ Rd2+ 4. Rd3+ Bd4+ 5. Ne7+ Bg6+ 6. Bf5+ Rd7+ 7. b7+ Bc6+ 8. Nfd5+ g3+ 9. Qf4+ Qe5+ 

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