Does a variant called 3-check, where you have to check the opponent 3 times to win, actually improve your train of thought and analysis of normal chess, or is it close enough to normal chess to actually help you?


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According to me yes, 3-check does help you improve your normal chess to some extent.

Here's why:

  • You need to look for some long variations to see and prevent any further checks by the opponents.
  • Second is that you learn about king safety which is very important in normal chess. You learn not to expose your king in the game.
  • You learn some specific variations which might help you in gaining an advantage over your opponent in the opening. This is again similar to the normal variant of chess.
  • In order, to defeat your opponent you need to give 3 checks. To do that, you need to develop your pieces. This way, you learn to develop your pieces.
  • Plus, you need to defend very tightly if your king is open. This improves the defending skills of a player.

But playing a lot of 3-checks is usually not good for normal chess. By playing a lot, I mean you are not giving time to normal chess.

  • Normal variant requires studying endgames which is usually not seen in the 3-checks variant.
  • Normal chess requires studying/analyzing a lot of variations with the help of engines.
  • Normal chess usually doesn't end quickly if I talk about some high-level games.

The main reason why it probably improves your normal chess is that it's format is similar to that of normal chess unlike other variants like atomic.


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