I'm trying to fully understand the Leela's verbose-move-stats output:

Lc0 verbose-move-stats output

Are the statements below correct?

  1. The move that will be played is e2e4, since it's the one with the greatest count of visits (N: 128).
  2. It also happens to have the greatest probability of being the best (P: 10.01%), the best single-node evaluation (V: 0.0556) and the best average child nodes evaluation (Q: 0.05778).
  3. However, if the search continues, then the next node to be visited at this level of the tree will be b1a3, because it has the best PUCT score (Q+U: 0.11467).
  4. The number +63 besides the visit count of e2e4 is the win/draw/loss combined score of playout simulated games, such as in +95/1/-32.

Also, I have some questions:

  1. When/where will the playout score be used by the searching algorithm? I don't see it in the PUCT formula.
  2. What is the 332 number beside e2e4? Is it just a move index?


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