Did Geller resign in a drawn position vs Spassky in 1959 ? Or could White win ? The famous controversial position is the following :

[FEN "6k1/6p1/7p/7P/2q1B1P1/Kp3P2/1B6/2N5 b - - 0 1"]

Black to move. Related question: if the position turn to be a draw because of the 50 move rule , what happens with the 75 move rule ?

  • Regarding 50/75, note that this rule was modified numerous times, and maybe you first must find out which version was in effect. Concerning win, even without 50 this is tricky, as White must gang up the pawns, but needs the knight, so it can't be used for shielding the king. Nov 24 at 21:52

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