Is there any chess site that allows you to train tactics by repeating some number of problems over and over again?


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I think Chessable is pretty close to what you want. There are courses made usually by masters, some are free, some with a price. But you can create your own course and study it too. After you study something, you need to repeat the same problem after some time.

The repetition type has 3 choices:

  • Chessable Spaced Repetition: It is a special repetition type where the time between repeats are getting longer and longer (like 1 day - 3 days - 1 week ...).
  • Cyclical: Repeat times are constant (like 1 day - 1 day - 1 day ...).
  • Custom: This needs Pro Chessable account, you can set the times whichever you like.

For cyclical, there is a note like this from Chessable:

If you are following the Woodpecker cycle, after you complete the first cycle and the exercises start popping up for review, you can now go and set a shorter cycle, which you can do, by changing the cycle end date again, to say, two weeks from the date at the end of your first cycle.

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