On Wiki, we have the List of youngest grandmasters since 1950. What about WFMs (woman FIDE masters) instead of GMs?

Note 1: I really mean to ask about WFMs (females who obtain the female exclusive title WFM) and not female FMs (females who obtain the open title FM).

Note 2: WCM was answered here: List of records for youngest WCMs (woman candidate masters) since 1950?


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Searching my database constructed from data available on the [FIDE Ratings Download][2] page gives the following results. Note that FIDE gives only the birth year for players due to data privacy laws so age was calculated as 'Year of title' - 'Year of birth' so Salimova, Nurgyul may have actually been only 7 years old when she won the title.

Year Name Age Fed
1981 Brustman, Agnieszka 19 POL
1984 Olarasu, Iuliana 17 ROU
1985 Maric, Alisa 15 YUG
1988 Polgar, Judit 12 HUN
1990 Stefanova, Antoaneta 11 BUL
2004 Hou, Yifan 10 CHN
2007 Salcedo, Jackeline 9 COL
2011 Salimova, Nurgyul 8 BUL


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