I think the white plan is to move the king to d3, knight to d2 (to protect f1/f3 from black bishop) put the bishop an a3 and open position c4-c5. I think the white position is much better. Is it the correct plan?

But how to decide where to put rooks, there are so many possible breaks in this position on the queenside.

enter image description here

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This KID totally went south for Black. Stockfish gives a solid +1 to 1.5 advantage, and suggests Black should play a5 better sooner or later, after which the White rooks already stand good where they are. Black's lack in space will give him a no-fun defense. c5 will be played anyway. I tried to play the Black side, and quickly let it plummet to +3. A total nightmare. (Overprotecting c5 with Bf8 doesn't help as this costs e5 if you intend dxe5.)

Thus the answer: Let the rooks stand and immediately break with c5. a5 isn't really bad either but c5 is the standard KID plan anyway.

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