This lichess study says

Examining positions from Josh Waitzkin's academy, Larry Christiansen's attacking chess, and other exercises or games from this (now) ancient chess program in light of recent advances.

I assume this isn't talking about the chessmaster engine/s but about the lectures specifically. If not, then forget this part.

I recall I played chessmaster 1st as a kid 2 decades ago in 2000/2001 when my dad introduced me and then again around 1 decade ago in 2010/2011 when I wanted to beat my cousin and again this year 2020/2021 when I got back into chess/9LX for the 2nd time (see my previous questions if you want: 1, 2, 3).

Question: Nowadays, are the chessmaster lectures still good, relative to possibly a lot more modern teaching materials, and if not, then what modern series of lectures do people learn the stuff in the chessmaster series (no books please. just online courses or video lectures like on chessable or youtube) ? For example, Josh Waitzkin has all these series on strategy, endgame, the art of learning, psychology of competition, etc.


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