Looking into OTB tournaments, I see that the USCF allows you to filter searches for the following types:

  • Heritage Event
  • American Classic
  • Grand Prix
  • Enhanced Grand Prix
  • Junior Grand Prix
  • National Championship Event
  • State Championship Event
  • Regionals

Some of these are self-evident, but what are "Heritage," "Classic," "Grand Prix," and "Enhanced" types?


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According to the Saint Louis Chess Club:

  • National Events. Co-sponsored by the USCF, these events offer official U.S. titles and most are open to bidding by USCF affiliates. (Meaning that any affiliate - such as a club or organization holding USCF affiliation - may make a bid to host these tournaments.)
  • Grand Prix. Major events, usually open to all, listed in date order. See "USCF GRAND PRIX" for more information.
  • American Classics. Events that are open to all and have attracted more than 400 players for three consecutive years.
  • Heritage Events. Tournaments held for at least 25 years.

I could not find a "USCF GRAND PRIX" section on the Saint Louis Chess Club's website, but Wikipedia says:

The USCF Grand Prix is a set of chess tournaments for prize money rated by the United States Chess Federation. In general, a tournament must have at least $300 in guaranteed prizes to award "Grand Prix" points.

At the end of the year, prizes are awarded to players with the most points. The first prize is usually $10,000.

These prizes provide incentives to grandmasters to play in small regional tournaments which they would otherwise avoid.

I could not find a specific definition of "Enhanced Grand Prix", but from context of things I did find, it appears that "Enhanced Grand Prix" refers to tournaments that offer a larger number of Grand Prix points due to having a larger guaranteed prize pool. It also appears (according to this news item) that holding an "Enhanced Grand Prix" event requires the organizer to make a mandatory contribution to the USCF Professional Players Health and Benefit Fund.

"Junior Grand Prix" is a separate Grand Prix competition for Junior players (under 21 years old).

{Added 10/23/2022} A complete description of US Chess Grand Prix is available at https://new.uschess.org/us-chess-grand-prix-program.

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