I wonder which are the openings (for both White and Black) where an advantage (or at least equality against great players) is granted. Also, if you could refer to some good books / resources linked to this opening it would be appreciated.

As the question was poorly asked I am editing it. What I meant was whether there are any openings which require a deep level of understanding in order not to lose, hence, a not so well prepared player will likely make mistakes or imprecisions.

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    What does it even mean to "know every single theoretical move to perfection"? Theory changes every time a game in a given line is played. If some line guarantees an advatnage to one side, then a different alternative takes its place.
    – David
    Jul 8 at 20:18
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    Well, naturally razor-sharp openings. Wouldn't play KID without computer knowledge... Jul 9 at 7:36
  • Seems like a pretty unclear and/or dubious question to me. As David asks, what does 'know each and every single theoretical move to perfection' mean? If it just means playable against top GMs, the answer is simply the standard opening repertoire Jul 9 at 20:23

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