Karsten Muller and Lamprecht give the following ending as a win in Fundamental Chess Ending. However , Houdini 6.02 does not find a win as far as I analyzed. The ending is the following:

R7/5pkp/4b1p1/3p4/8/5P2/5KPP/8 b - - 1 1 

Or WHITE King on f2 Rook on a8 pawns on f3 g2 h2. BLACK King on g7 Bishop on e6 pawns on d5 f7 g6 h7.

What happens with perfect play?

  • I get +1.13 with stockfish 13 47 ply. What does it say in the book about why this is a win? Jun 29 at 1:12
  • My feeling is that this should be a win with best play. V.Eingorn studies a similar ending in *Decision-Making in Chess", I will try to build an answer from it once I have checked the book.
    – Evargalo
    Jun 29 at 8:20
  • Could you provide more information on both the book's and the engine's evaluations of this position?
    – David
    Jun 29 at 11:45
  • 2
    engine evaluation here is irrelevant. If the book claims it's a win, it should present a winning plan, or idea(s). You could try to execute this plan and if it's really working, at some point even an engine should be able to understand it.
    – sleepy
    Jun 29 at 13:04

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