I understand the Polyglot opening format is open source, but I can't find available opening books for polyglot. I'm looking to use a book to automatically identify (and exclude) opening moves from a program to analyze large numbers of PGN files.
Is there a reliable place existing (open-source) polyglot books are available?


I found two sources for Polyglot opening books:

  1. Richard Pijl has released his opening book alongside The Baron 3.43, which he says is almost identical to the version that played in the 2018 WCCC. Read more about these here.
  2. Sourceforge claims to have a polyglot book collection for download here. The main page is here.

EDIT: Found two more here.

The openings book "Human.bin".
This "polyglot book" is a part of Deep Saros and play very aggressive and fun line of openings, like: Grob Attack, Blackmar-Dietmer Gambit, Englund Gambit, Greco Gambit, Albin Counter Gambit, Goering Gambit, Borg Defence, Polish Defence, Damiano Defence, From Gambit, Amar/Paris Opening, Fred Defence, Barnes Opening, etc...


The openings book "Titans.bin".
This "polyglot book" was prepared by Flavio Martin, an Italian chess player and has been very strong. Is an excellent tool for analysis, preparation and training, and a viable alternative to other openings books. It's certainly being testing!


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