I understand that top-level games mostly end in draws or resignation, and presumably occasionally running out of time.

What proportion of top level tournament games (in classical time controls) actually end in a checkmate? And how has this proportion changed over the last century or so?

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    Almost none to my knowledge, but just commenting: Dragging out a lost game counts as ungentlemenlike, while allowing an especially cute #1 after a dream combination counts as good sportsmanship. (For the same reason, it was more prevalent in good old times.) BTW, the question probably can be answered with a simple database search. May 7 at 8:16
  • +1 for allowing a cute mate, see Svidler-Carlsen from 2019. But that's Peter Svidler, not everyone would do it of course.
    – sleepy
    May 7 at 9:17

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