The piece I am asking about is the combined jumper (0,2)(0,3)(2,2)(3,3) or the combination of Dabbaba, Threeleaper, Alfil, and Tripper. It is used under the name Hawk in the recent Chess variant Musketeer Chess (Z. Haddad, 2012).

My questions: Was this piece used before in Chess variants or Chess problems, and if yes, under which name?

  • Well, with a bit of googling you can find out the name "hawk" was used as an alias for the more usual "princess" (B+S), which is not exactly helpful for your request...(I dug up some even more obscure ones, thus we now have at least four different hawks!) Apr 15 at 14:46
  • I am not interested in the usage of the name hawk for various pieces, I am interested in the piece defined by its pattern of moves. Apr 15 at 15:03

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