Is it possible to play the Caro-Kann aggressively/tactically as Black?

What are the attacking chances/ideas for black in the Caro-Kann? Or is it simply the wrong opening for that?

I found a few example games, where Black is crushing White in an attack on the king, e.g. in this grandmaster game: https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1103209

  • It is certainly possible, checkout Valentina Gunina, she is a GM with attacking style who plays the Caro-Kann. – Akavall Apr 13 at 1:32

In the Caro-Kann, white dictates the speed and sharpness of play. The exchange Caro-Kann typically shies away from tactical/aggressive positions. In the advance bf5, white can play h4 which leads to very aggressive, open, and tactical games for both white and black. You're likely looking for the Advance c5 which is a little more forcing for black that you're likely to get a tactical game.

Honestly, you're probably looking for a different answer to e4 if you want to play an aggressive game against white every time. The Latvian Gambit is losing for black with correct play but if you know the lines, it's easy for white to go wrong quickly.

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