How does the winning percentage (white win/draw/black win) in chess 960 (Fischer random) compare to that of regular chess?

The above was asked here: Winning percentage in chess 960. I would like to re-ask this question with the ff changes:

  1. but now in 2021 (the previous question was in 2017. in the past 4 years, there has been a fide world fischer random championship. there's also this.)

  2. perhaps 1 answer for computers (no need to answer again for computers, if it's about the same as the answer before, I guess) and 1 for humans (the previous question had a computer only answer and so far no human answers)? Or maybe just 1 for humans if this question is otherwise too broad

  3. I don't care about sample size. (the answer in previous question didn't answer about humans because of low sample size. even if the sample size is low, I don't mind)

  • The paper on AlphaZero was published at the end of 2017, so I wonder what insights the world of machine learning engines can offer. It looks like the tournament cited in answers to the 2017 question are mostly conventional (e.g. Stockfish).
    – bcdan
    Sep 3 at 17:14

Searching on chess-results for "960" tournaments played in 2021 gives the following:

68th PCA Chess 960 Tournament 24th Jan 2021 W23 D0 B21
Первенство Владимирской области по шахматам-960 (rapid) W25 D3 B25
Турнир по шахматам 960, посвящённый 78-летию со дня рождения 11-го чемпиона мира по шахматам Роберта Фишера (rapid) W20 D7 B22
Відкрита Першість СК Нафтохімік- Шахи 960(шахи Фішера) м.Кременчук 27.03.2021р (blitz) W35 D5 B23
8° Choriblitz Atawallpa Chess 960 (blitz) W15 D4 B11
ACCENTUS Chess960 Biel International Chess Festival 2021 (rapid) W12 D6 B10
Majstrovstvá v sachu 960 (Fischerov sach) - 4.8.2021; 18:30 (blitz) W23 D1 B18
Петергофское лето - 2021. Шахматы Фишера (шахматы 960) (rapid) W12 D0 B13
Torneo Blitz "Camino a la Maestría" Chess 960 (rapid) W4 D3 B8
Chess 960 šachmatų turnyras, skirtas UAB „Art Glacio" taurei laimėti (rapid) W18 D1 B6

Totals = W191 D30 B158
Percentages = W=50.4% D=7.9% B=41.7%
Note that these are all rapid or blitz, hence not many draws.

  • thanks. but what about the equivalent standard chess percentages please? i figure so we can at least have an understanding of 'not many' just like in the other post. i don't think it has to be dug up from chess-results similarly. i'm expecting there are some kind of statistics already done for this. but anyway i'll award the bounty for now
    – BCLC
    Sep 6 at 14:35

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